Development Services & Inspection

Development Services is responsible for reviewing development plans and assisting developers, engineers, and property owners through the planning, approval, and installation of new water, sewer, and recycled water facilities. This division is also responsible for mapping of developer constructed facilities. The inspection staff provides quality assurance to private development, City and County projects, and Capital Improvements Program projects as well as utility mark outs via Dig Alert.
The department engineering staff is available to assist the public via email, phone, or by visiting the district office. Development Services can provide information and necessary forms regarding project availability, service installations, construction meters, plan checks, fire flow WAScalculations, capacity and installation fees, water agency standards, easements, and bonding. Click here to view our available online forms and applications.

We strongly encourage appointments to ensure staff availability. Arrangements can be made for times prior to the 9:00 am counter hours. To schedule an appointment please call the Engineering Counter.

Please click here to see where development is happening within Padre Dam Municipal Water District.