Padre Dam offers a variety of programs to help customers become more water efficient and reduce water use.

Rebates and Incentives

Woman loads laundry into clothes washerWater-Savings Device Rebates

Padre Dam offers rebates for select water-saving devices. To see current rebate opportunities, view details, estimate your rebate and verify your eligibility click here. 

Residential rebate opportunities may include: 

  • High-efficiency clothes washers
  • High-efficiency toilets
  • Rotating sprinkler nozzles
  • Rain barrels and cisterns
  • Weather based irrigation controllers
  • Soil moisture sensor systems
  • Flow Monitors

For commercial rebate opportunities for select water-saving devices, click here.


The Turf Replacement Program helps homeowners remove their existing grass and replace it with drought tolerant landscaping. Customers must apply for this program before removing turf. find out more about the program and estimate your rebate click here.


Want to control irrigation costs? Take advantage of our free landscape survey that is available to customers looking for help in reducing outdoor water use. Surveys are designed to identify potential leaks, recommend water conserving devices, assess irrigation efficiency, and determine the proper landscape watering schedule that will be site specific to your home. This is a free, no obligation program and is available for Single-family, multifamily, commercial and industrial properties. Request a survey to apply.

Water Efficient Landscaping Classes

A desert landscape with red and purple flowersTHREE-HOUR LANDSCAPE WORKSHOPS

Free, three-hour landscape workshops give you the skills and knowledge to create a water-efficient yard. Each workshop, taught by a local landscape design professional, focuses on specific landscape topics with a do-it-yourself approach. To sign-up for classes, click here. 


This free educational program will empower you to upgrade your high-water-use turf areas into a WaterSmart landscape. This is done through four classes with lectures, hands-on lab work, demonstrations, homework assignments and one-on-one coaching by local landscape professionals. Participants apply to attend all four classes. Find out more about this class series here. 


Three distinct classes help you plant, care for and maintain a beautiful water efficient garden. Hose from class topics California Friendly and Native Landscape Training, Turf Removal and Garden Transformation Workshop and a Watershed Garden Design Workshop. To sign-up for a virtual class, click here


Please note: Irrigation runoff is prohibited. Irrigation runoff pollutes our water with sediment, pesticide, nutrients, and bacteria. Visit for more information on irrigation runoff.