Padre Profile: Eric Lucie

Padre Dam's service area experiences elevation changes of over 2,300 feet. Additional infrastructure, such as pump stations, are required to deliver water to higher elevations. It's Eric's job to make sure that strategically placed pumps can move water to these higher elevations. He also works to ensure that our wastewater is pumped to a central location for disposal or treatment. Without properly functioning pumps, residents in high elevation zones around the region - especially in places like Alpine and Crest - would not receive a reliable and consistent flow of water.

"Basically, I make sure that the mechanical means of providing water and wastewater services to ratepayers is always reliable." Eric explained. "So whatever elevation a customer is at, they can always turn on the faucet and get high quality, clean water."

Eric Lucie smiling for camera

Padre Dam maintains a network of 14 potable water pump stations, each pushing water to a higher elevation for our customers. Each pump station contains 2 to 5 powerful pumps which work to create pressure and flow, helping the water fight against gravity to reach homes and businesses. These pumps are complicated machinery that require time and attention to function, and Eric is tasked with making sure that pumps, motors, valves and other equipment are operating smoothly to provide consistent water pressure to customers.

Eric's favorite part of working at Padre Dam is the collaboration between coworkers across departments. As the President of the Padre Dam Employee's Association, he has the opportunity to interact with personnel throughout the District. "Employees here care, we don't just work without purpose. We are always focused on making sure that customers receive reliable service, regardless of the circumstances."

Eric joined the Padre Dam team 18 years ago, after his retirement from the Navy. His experience working on board ships and submarines, including pipe fitting and welding, made him a great fit for the position of Pump Technician. When he's not on the job at Padre Dam, Eric operates a small business with his wife, Laurie. He also enjoys hiking on the weekends with friends and coworkers.