Can I submit a paper application?

No, we do not accept paper applications. However, you may be able to access the internet for free using the services listed here.

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1. What job opportunities are currently available at Padre Dam Municipal Water District?
2. What if the job I am interested in isn’t currently open? Can I still complete an application?
3. How do I apply for a position?
4. Why do all Padre Dam MWD jobs require a driver’s license?
5. Can I submit a paper application?
6. Can I submit a resume in lieu of an application?
7. How can I check the status of my application?
8. I want to apply for more than one position. Do I need to fill out a separate application for each position?
9. If I need an accommodation for the interview or testing process, how do I request one?
10. Will I automatically be considered for other positions if I previously submitted an application?
11. I missed the deadline to apply. Can I still apply?
12. What happens once I’m hired?
13. What is probation and how long does it last?