What is a Backflow Assembly?

Backflow assemblies are designed to prevent water and potential contaminants from flowing back into the public water system.

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1. Why do I need to install a Backflow Assembly?
2. Why do Backflow Assemblies have to be tested on an annual basis?
3. What is a Backflow Assembly?
4. Who is responsible for the test and any fees associated with the test?
5. Where do I install the Backflow Assembly?
6. Do I need to have the installation of the Backflow Assembly inspected by the Compliance Department at Padre Dam?
7. Will I be notified prior to my required Backflow Assembly annual test date?
8. Where in Padre Dams Rules and Regulations can I find more information?
9. What are the most common cross-connections found?
10. What Testing Company should I pick? Is one better than the other?
11. Can I get an extension on my test?
12. Where can I find more information about cross-connection control and backflow assemblies?
13. Where will my annual testing notification be mailed?